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The Challenge:

Achieving effective citizen impact on public policy

Associations, unions, co-operatives and other citizens’ organizations face great challenges in their efforts to shape public debate and influence government decision-making. Lacking the financial resources, personnel capacity and high level access enjoyed by the corporate world, the non-profit and voluntary sectors frequently struggle to have their voices heard by government. Yet the need for effective citizen impact on public policy has never been greater.

Civica’s Goal:

Maximizing the public influence of citizens’ organizations

Founded by seasoned professionals with deep roots in the non-profit world, Civica specializes in working with citizens’ organizations to heighten their impact on public policy. We aid our clients in effectively engaging their members and supporters and achieving results on their key issues. Civica provides a full range of public affairs and communications services to support citizens’ organizations, from strategy development to campaign management to government and media relations.

Civica also aids governments in meeting their mandates for real public input and involvement. Our consultants work to build strong, two-way connections between citizens and the governments that serve them.



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