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Our Team

Civica has brought together a core team of experienced professionals to deliver our services to citizens’ organizations and government clients.

Christopher Wilson, Senior Consultant
(Public Affairs)

A veteran consultant in government relations, grassroots campaigning and organizational development, Christopher Wilson has over 25 years experience working with non-profit and voluntary sector organizations. He has co-ordinated highly successful grassroots campaigns and lobby initiatives for a variety of member-based associations and other non-profit organizations. In his volunteer life, Christopher has also handled government and community relations for charitable and humanitarian organizations. He holds a Bachelor of Applied Arts (Communications) from Ryerson Polytechnical University.

Jason Meyers, Consultant
(Technology & Design)

Jason brings to Civica years of experience in applying emerging technologies to political advocacy and lobbying. A skilled website and communications designer, Jason has helped shape and implement over 60 effective online campaigns for some of Canada’s most innovative non-profit organizations. Jason heads up Civica’s expanding consultancy in e-advocacy and online engagement. Based in Canmore, Alberta, Jason has long history as a volunteer and consultant in the environmental movement. He holds a Bachelor of Commerce degree (Marketing) from the University of Saskatchewan and a Diploma in Graphic Design from the Heinze Institute of Computer Technology.

Carol MacEachern, Consultant
(Advocacy & Legal)

Carol is a veteran advocate, with more that a decade of experience working on behalf of the disabled community and women who experience violence. She also brings to Civica almost 20 years of professional experience in legal support for groups and individuals on a wide range of issues. Carol plays a key role in Civica’s advocacy and campaigns consultancy, as well as anchoring our litigation support practice. Based in the Toronto-area, Carol chairs the Accessibility Advisory Committee providing expert advice to the Mississauga Mayor and City Council. In 1999 she was awarded the Ontario Government’s Outstanding Achievement Award for Volunteerism, recognizing her years of tireless service in the Ottawa-area Peer Support Program Against Abuse. Carol is currently an active volunteer in the Multiple Sclerosis Society of Canada and has received several awards for her advocacy work on behalf of people with MS. She has also served for years on the governing bodies of local and regional housing organizations.

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